Senior Calendar 2019

Papatoetoe Chess Club Senior Calendar 2019
Opening Night Jan 30
Joe Tyson Memorial 6 Rounds – 1 per night Swiss – 60min +10sec
Summer Cup Feb 13 – March 20
Bruce Marsick Cup 6 Rounds –3 per night Swiss – 15min + 5sec
Summer Rapid March 27 – April 3 A & B Grades
 AGM  April 10  Prize Giving
Katrine Metge Cup 6 Rounds – 1 per night Swiss – 60min+10sec
Autumn Cup April 17 – May 22
Handicap 6 Rounds –2 per night Swiss – Material Deficit
Founders Cup May 29 – June 12 25 min + 5 sec
Bob Wichman Cup 6 Rounds – 1 per night Swiss – 60min + 10sec
Winter Cup June 19 – July 24 A B C Grades
Ewan Green Rapid 6 Rounds – 2 per night Swiss – 25min + 5 sec
Spring Cup Aug 7 – Aug 21 A B C Grades
Club Champs Aug 28 – Oct 30 10 Rounds
A Grade – McAlonan Cup 6 player – Double Round Robin 75 min + 30 sec
B Grade – Tom Smith Cup 10 Rounds Swiss – 60min +15sec
C Grade – Gordan Hodge Cup 10 Rounds Swiss – 60min +15sec
Lightning 2 nights Swiss – 5min each
P&M Trophy Nov 6 – Nov 13
Joe Sapeta Trophy 6 Round – 2 per night Swiss – 25min +5sec
PT 25+5 Rapid Nov 20 – Dec 4
PT Open  Seniors DEC 7 Swiss – 25min +5sec
PT Open Juniors DEC 8 Swiss – 25min + 5sec
CHESS ENDS FOR 2019 11/12/2019


Junior Calendar – 2019


Papatoetoe Chess Club Junior Calendar 2019
Opening Night    
John McRae Junior 6 Rounds – 1 per night Swiss – 60 mins each
Summer Shield Feb 13 – March 20  
Russel Metge Junior 6 Rounds – 2 per night Swiss – 15 mins each
Summer Rapid Cup Mar 27 – April 10  
School Term 1. Ends


Lew Collins Junior 8 Rounds – 2 per night Swiss – 10 mins each
Autumn Cup May 1 – June 5  
Hans Gao Junior 8 Rounds – 2 per night Swiss – 10 mins each
Handicap Shield June 12 – July 3 Material Deficit
School Term 2. Ends


Graeme Coleman Junior 8 Rounds – 2 per night Swiss – 10 mins each
Winter Knight & Pawn July 24 – August 14  
Junior Club Champs 6 Rounds – 1 per night Swiss – 60 mins each
Nigel Metge Rook Aug 21 – Sep 25  
Junior A Grade    
Graham Banks Cup    
Junior B Grade    
Leo Peti Cup    
Junior C Grade    
School Term 3. Ends


Clive Wilson Junior 6 Rounds – 1 per night Swiss – 60 mins each
Spring Cup Oct 16 – Nov 20  
Pauline Thomas Junior 8 Rounds – 4 per night Swiss – 5 mins each
Blitz Trophy Nov 27 – Dec 4  
PT Open Tournament Dec 7 – Dec 8  
CHESS ENDS FOR 2019 11/12/2019 Junior Prize Giving




PT Juniors Prize Winners – 2018

John McRae Junior Summer Shield  2018

1st  Aryan Bansal

Book Prize  – Phuong Do

Russell Metge Junior Rapid Cup 2018

1st  Robin Han

Book Prize – Luke Do

Lew Collins Junior Autumn Cup 2018

1st  Ansh Gupta

Book Prize – Pasindu Jayawickrama

Hans Gao Junior Handicap Shield 2018

1st  Luke Do

Graeme Coleman Junior Winter Knight 2018

1st  Pasindu Jayawickrama

Book Prize – Robin Han

Winter Pawn Medal 2018

1st  Kimberley Williams

Book Prize – Vidul  Jayawickrama

Clive Wilson Junior Spring Cup 2018

1st  Pasindu  Jayawickrama

Book Prize – Aryan Bansal

Pauline Thomas Junior Blitz Trophy 2018

1st  Lucky Do

Book Prize  – Yabla Han

Nigel Metge Rook  Junior A Grade 2018

1st  Yabla Han

Graham Banks  Junior B Grade 2018

1st Lucky Do

Leo Peti Cup  Junior C Grade 2018

1st  Kimberley Williams

Junior Club Champs 2018


This was a very disjointed affair, with many players unable to attend regularly because of other commitments,- mostly end of the year school projects.

We may have to change the starting date for the Champs to earlier in the year.



Nigel Metge Rook  Junior A Grade

1st  Yabla Han

Graham Banks Cup  Junior B Grade

1st  Lucky Do

Leo Peti Cup  Junior C Grade

1st  Kimberley Williams

WELL  DONE!  everyone.

James Cook Chess Tournament 2018

On Friday 14th September, James Cook High School hosted its second school chess tournament in over 20 years.  28 students took part in the competitive seven round event, battling it out for the title of JC chess champion.  Throughout the day, students were also able to solve chess puzzles and receive coaching clinics.  Students soon got into the grove of the games and tension mounted as each round began.  As the tournament entered its final round, four players were still able to win the event, with Nephi Popata, Brandon Popata, Christian Maroroa all coming close, but ultimately, they were unable to stop Cruz Lazarus-Diamond winning on 5/7 points and retaining the chess champion title.

JCHS 2018 Chess Tournament collection 1

Special thanks to Papatoetoe chess club for returning to help run the show and lending us their chess sets, their clocks and giving vital support in putting the event together.  Because of the clocks and decent chess sets there was a real sense of purpose and added excitement for the students.  The event was much more of a spectacle not least because we host so many more students in our tournament.  Thanks to John and Alex’s expertise, students were able to receive one to one advice throughout the day as well as see the results table being updated live on the big screen!

JCHS 2018 Chess Tournament collection 2

This provided a genuinely memorable experience for the students and they went away more confident and more excited to add to their successes during the tournament day.  Here’s what Raimona, Logan and Victar had to say about their day.

It was fun, pretty hard, good for my first time.  I learnt not to give up on the challenge.
You got to meet people you’d never met before and I enjoyed good competition against other players.
I was proud to win more than two games and I’ll practice more for next time.

JCHS 2018 Chess Tournament single

Every player scored some points on the day and showed the great character and competition that exists in James Cook High School.  Thanks again, to Papatoetoe club for helping making chess be a buzz word around the school, and seeing students grow in endeavour and achievement.

Jonny Kennedy
JCHS PE and Health Teacher, Chess Tournament Co-ordinator.

ACA Lightning 2018


Played at the ACC Cromwell St on Saturday 8th Sept.

We had 2 teams of 4, but Howick-Pakuranga, North Shore and ACC only entered 1 each. Which was more than a match for us. Featuring  5  ex- NZ Champs, one co-present NZ Champ, one International Master, and no one rated below 2000 NZCF points.

Although we mostly just supplied “canon fodder” for these clubs, we did manage to squeeze out a point here and there.

PT [a]  Ian McNally                      6/16

David Taylor                                  4/16

Alexander Laughland                    3/16

Temu Maroroa                                3/16

PT [b] Vijay Kumar                         3/16

Rosjier Hall                                      1/16

John McRae                                      0/16

  Sefan Brzozwski                            0/16

Overall I think we all enjoyed the chance to play some of the best in the country.

RESULTS    1st  Howick-Pakuranga

their team was  Martin Dryer, Ben Hague, Daniel Gong and Ewen Green. Best Player Ben Hague  15.5/16

Graeme Coleman Winter Knight 2018


4 new players joined after the start – brothers Alden and Alex Oraha , Kush Sharma and Matson Underwood.

The Winter Knight was clearly won by  Pasindu Jayawickrama and Kimberley Williams managed to secure the Winter Pawn.

RESULTS – Winter Knight 2018

1st  Pasindu  5/5

2nd Robin  4/5

3 – 4th  Yabla and Phuong   3/5

RESULTS – Winter Pawn Medal

1st  Kimberley Williams  2/5

most played games and best score of the lower rated players.

OTHER  NEWS – John McRae and Pasindu both played in the C Grade of the PETER STUART MEMORIAL tournament over the weekend

John McRae     scored    2.5 points

Pasindu             scored   3.5 points and a grade prize


B Grade Inter – Club 2018


Again held over 3 Sunday nights in the Stable Café at Alexander Park.

Round 3   was Howick-Pakuranga  last chance to catch Auckland Chess Centre,but it was Winston Weng’s win over Scott Smith of Papatoetoe that gave ACC too many points to be caught. So the Final Results were –

1st  Auckland Chess Centre                 13 points

2nd Howick-Pakuranga                        11 points

3rd Papatoetoe                                        7 points

4th North Shore                                       5 points

Very good effort by Papatoetoe , the only disappointing thing was the number of people who said they wanted to play but didn’t turn up.

However one high point was the outstanding  performance by Vijay Kumar who scored  2.5 points out of 3 games.

WELL DONE     Vijay !


The next ACA event is the Inter-Club Lightning held at the ACC  Cromwell St. on Saturday 8th September. Players meeting – 9.30 am  [ 2 teams of 4 – time  3min + 2 sec ]

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