Junior Summer Shield R4

the Summer Shield 2017 still only has a small field with some players

away at school camps, but we did get to welcome one new face

Ridith Kumar who played a friendly game against Kimberly and

did very well. He is in the draw for this week against a stronger opponent in

Henry Luo. The Draw for – ROUND 4

1. Ryan         v          Lloyd

2. Devin       v          Crystal

3. Max Jiang    v     Dylan

4. Kimberly     v      Aiden

5. Darius         v      Max Luo

6. Ridith         v      Henry

7. Fergus        v       Joanna

8. Sandeep     v      Fa Fia

9. Oliver          v      Mishikaa

10. William     v     BYE


early start at 5pm – good luck everyone


Junior Summer Shield 2017 R3

Round 3

1. Crystal  0       v    1       Lloyd

2.Devin   0         v   1      Aiden

3.Henry  0          v   1      Ryan

4.Max Luo  0      v   1      Max  Jiang

5.Dylan    1          v   0     Sandeep

6.Kimberly  1       v    0    William

7.Mishikaa  0       v     1   Darius

8.Fa Fia   0.5        v   0.5    Fergus

9.Joanna    0        v      1  Oliver

starting at 5pm finish about 6.30pm

Junior Summer Shield 2017 R2

the Junior Year for 2017 – got off to a very slow start last week [1. 2. 17] with the Rooster only waking a few sleepy heads.

This week [8.2.17] was a little bit better but we need a few more faces to get the Summer Shield under way properly

The Draw for Round 2  is  —  START   5pm

1. Lloyd     v       Fa Fia

2. Ryan      v      Max Luo

3. Sandeep   v    Crystal

4. Aiden         v    Joanna

5. Fergus       v     Henry Luo

6.Max Jiang   v    Kimberly

7. Oliver        v      Dylan

8. Devin Du  v   Darius Zu

9.William    v     Mishikaa

remember first named player plays White

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