Opening Repertoire 1.e4


If as White you open with 1. e4 you must have a ” Main Weapon”

with which you will meet 1. … e5

The most common choice is either the Two Knights or Ruy Lopez

You must also have a reply to the Petrov’s Defence  1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nf6 and the Latvian Gambit 2. … f5 or Elephant 2. … d5

If as White you open with 1.e4 you must be prepared to face –


[a] 1. … Nf6   Alekhines Defence

[b] 1. … c6    Caro-Kann Defence

[c] 1. …  e6    French Defence

[d] 1. …  c5    Sicilian Defence

[e] 1. …  d6 2.d4 Nf6  Pirc Defence

[f]  1.  … g6 2.d4 Bg7  Robatsch Defence

[g]  1. … d5 2. exd5  Center Counter [ or Scandinavian] Defence

[h]  1. … Nc6  Nimzovitch Defence

[i ]  1. …  Various other less common moves

of these the most frequently played are the Sicilian and the French


As Black against – 1.e4  1.d4  1.c4 and most other first moves

you can reply with 1. … d6 and … g6 with … Bg7 using

Variations of the Pirc or Kings Indian Defence


Up coming Events 2017


Aug 10th     NZ Girls Inter Schools Chess Championship

Te Atatu  Community Centre

Aug 11 – 13th   Waikato Open    Hamilton

Aug 26 – 27th   North Shore Open   held @ ACC  Cromwell St.

Sep 1 – 3rd   NZ Seniors   @ Mt Maunganui.

Sep 30 – Oct 1st   National Inter School Finals @ Christchurch

Sep 30 – Oct 8th  George Trundle NZ Masters  @ ACC

Oct 7th   Catholic Schools Champs

Oct 9 – 15th   Asian Seniors  @ Waipuna Conference Centre

Oct 10th  Howick – Pakuranga Club Invite  to be confirmed

Oct 21 – 23rd   Merv Morrison  @ ACC  Cromwell St.

Nov 16th   Rosehill Intermediate   to be confirmed

Dec 2nd    Papatoetoe Open Rapid

Dec 3rd     Papatoetoe Junior Rapid 

both @ St George Bowling Club  84 Cambridge Terrace  Papatoetoe


Alphaeus wins both Senior and Junior Events


Over the School break Senior and Junior Tournaments were held at the Auckland Chess Centre with one player dominating all events.

It began with the NZ Junior Championship  11 – 14/7/2017

1st  Alphaeus Ang

Then the NZ Junior Blitz Championship   14/7/2017

1st = Alphaeus Ang  and  Daniel Gong

Next the NZ Junior Rapid Championship  15/7/2017

1st  Alphaeus Ang

This was followed by the first of the Senior Events

North Island Rapid Championship  16/7/2017

1st = Alphaeus Ang  and  Ben Hague

Now the North Island Championship  18 – 22/7/2017

1st  Alphaeus Ang

And the North Island Blitz Championship   22/7/2017

1st  Alphaeus Ang


not a bad effort !    well done !  

more on    Results page


Juniors Winter Knight & Winter Pawn

This Wednesday night  26th Starts  off the two tournamemts  for the juniors  Winter Knight  for the A.grade  juniors  Winter  Pawn for all the beginers so all Juniors have chance at wining  this trophy  in this Grade  hope to see you all there. By -5.00  to  start at 5.30

Papatoetoe had  Hugh Goa, Lloyd Williams  play in the north island  junior  rapid.

Sites you should visit


YouTube –  Important Endgames that People Mess UP!

At least the first 4 of these you should know by heart.

Ideal Chess – Checkmate puzzles and endgame practice

You should be able to do 10 Mate in 2 puzzles without a mistake

You can practice mate with 2 Rooks and a King against a lone King,

You can practice mate with 1 Rook and King against a lone King.

You can practice pawn and King against King – Queen the pawn!

Well worth a visit.

More Results

June 25th Auckland Junior Inter- Club

1st  Howick – Pakuranga  A          10 points

2nd North Shore A                           8 points

3rd = Auckland  A

Auckland B

Auckland C                              6 points

Papatoetoe     3 points    one team  – 8 players failed to show


June 30th Auckland Girls Championship

Overall Champion      Vyana Punsalan

U 18   Raani Kelderman

U16  Jinting Wei

U14    Vyana Punsalan

U12    Jennifer Zhang

U10  Anya Thurner

U 8    Hannah Xu

U 6    Fang Fei Zhao


more on   Results

Abridged Re posts


June 14th South Auckland Primary

1st Papatoetoe Central One

2nd Puhinui School One

3rd Puhinui School Two

June 15th South Auckland Intermediate

1st Rosehill Intermediate

2nd Holy Cross School

3rd Manurewa Intermediate

more on –  NZCF Junior Events – Inter-Schools – Results

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