Summer Cup – Joe Tyson Memorial Cup

The first club tournament concluded on Wednesday evening 13th March 2019 and it was done with both the A Grade and the B Grade having an outright winner. Congratulations to Mike Buis with a 6/6 picket fence win in the A Grade and Scott Smith with a clear 1 point lead, winning the B Grade. Here are the top results-

A GRADE (6 Rounds)

1. Mike Buis                      6

2. Stanley Yee                    5

3. Alexander Laughland  4


B GRADE (6 Rounds)

1. Scott Smith                 4

2=. Stefan Brzozowski  3

2=. Paul Postma             3


The Summer Rapid begins on 27 March 7.15pm. There will be two rounds per night with a time control 25 minutes plus 5 second per move. It will be held on three consecutive nights (6 rounds).

New members are very welcome to join in the fun!



ACA AGM 2019 inter-club


ACA  AGM was held at the Stables Café in Alexander Park on Sunday 3rd March.

Dates for the inter-club matches were set –

A Grade  –    R1   5th May

                     R2  12th May

                     R3  26th May

Juniors      [ Lyell Creek Room 1st floor]   9th June

B Grade         R1    23rd June

                      R2    28th July

                      R3    11th Aug

A and B Grade held in the Stables Café

Start time   – 6.30pm

Time control – 75 min + 30sec

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