Summer Rapid – Bruce Marsick Cup Round 1 and 2

Our rapid tournament began last night 27th March.

Time control is 25+5 and is playing as one large swiss although we are manually awarding a B Grade winner.

In the swiss format where the top half play the bottom half in round 1, there was only one game went against the top half taking a clean sweep. This was Stefan Brzozowski (1057) drawing with Alex Laughland (1517) so Stefan is leading the B Grade after the first round.

Round two saw the following players from the A Grade maintaining an unbeaten score of 2 out of 2 as follows-

Stanley Yee

Angus Husin

Dipendra Kc

Pasindu Jayawickrama

John Guan

In the B Grade the following players won their second round to lead 1/2 –


Sampath Jayawickrama

Ethan Smith

Paul Postma

Pauline Thomas (with a second round bye)


Round 3 and 4 next Wednesday and new members are welcome to come along and play, or just see what it is all about. Our address is on another part of this site, and if you are wanting to play you need to arrive before 7.15pm Just ask someone there and they will direct you to the right person.


Summer Cup – Joe Tyson Memorial Cup

The first club tournament concluded on Wednesday evening 13th March 2019 and it was done with both the A Grade and the B Grade having an outright winner. Congratulations to Mike Buis with a 6/6 picket fence win in the A Grade and Scott Smith with a clear 1 point lead, winning the B Grade. Here are the top results-

A GRADE (6 Rounds)

1. Mike Buis                      6

2. Stanley Yee                    5

3. Alexander Laughland  4


B GRADE (6 Rounds)

1. Scott Smith                 4

2=. Stefan Brzozowski  3

2=. Paul Postma             3


The Summer Rapid begins on 27 March 7.15pm. There will be two rounds per night with a time control 25 minutes plus 5 second per move. It will be held on three consecutive nights (6 rounds).

New members are very welcome to join in the fun!



ACA AGM 2019 inter-club


ACA  AGM was held at the Stables Café in Alexander Park on Sunday 3rd March.

Dates for the inter-club matches were set –

A Grade  –    R1   5th May

                     R2  12th May

                     R3  26th May

Juniors      [ Lyell Creek Room 1st floor]   9th June

B Grade         R1    23rd June

                      R2    28th July

                      R3    11th Aug

A and B Grade held in the Stables Café

Start time   – 6.30pm

Time control – 75 min + 30sec

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