Last round (8) this Wedensday  30th

Hugh Gao is on 6 and half points  Ryan Nguyen on 6points.  Has it is  close  to say  who will win  but  it has been  a great battle  for all players.

this weeks draw  round (8)

  1. Conrad -Hugh
  2. Ryan – Arav
  3. Rebekah – Max Lou
  4. Lloyd – Fergus
  5. Anusha – Emily
  6. Lucy- Bye
Next  Week  is the last  week for the Juniors  7th December  Junior Prize Giving  all Bring Plate
And on the  3rd-  December Papatoetoe Tournament  held  at the Club Rooms  all welcome then on the 4th December the Junior tournament

NigelMetgeRook AGrade2016

Round (7)  wednesday 23rd

  1. Hugh – Rebekah
  2. Fergus – Ryan
  3. Anusha  – Lloyd
  4. Emily – Lucy
  5. Max Lou – Conrad
  6. Arav     –    Bye
this the draw for this week.  These can be  played out side the club  plaese let david or john  know the result
We are still waiting on the result  from Manit  -Jasraj for  Graham Banks Cup

NigelMetge Rook -AGradeJuniors

We have a bye in the next (3) Rounds. Because  Peter B has pulled  out.

Max  Lou  has the Bye this week

Round (6) Wednesday 16th

  1. Lucy -Hugh
  2. Ryan- Anusha
  3. Rebekah-Lloyd
  4. Fergus-Conrad
  5. Emily – Arav
  6. Max Lou – Bye
These games can be played at  home  has long  you let David or John know the Result
Graham Banks -B-Grade Cup  . After  (5) Rounds
Manit KC. is in front  on 3.5 points   this is a very close  tournament  with still three rounds to go

Well Done By -A-Grade Juniors

Every one that could  turn up did  Peter B – Emily  played  outside  the club.  Then phoned  in their  result  a  Draw  well done     Weeks  Draw  Wednseday -9th is  Round 5

  1. Hugh  –     Anusha
  2. Lloyd  –      Ryan
  3. Lucy   –      Fergus
  4. Rebekah  – Emily
  5. Arav      –    Conrad
  6. Peter B  –   Max Lou

Very dispointed In A Grade The Juniors

Owing to the poor turnout  Wedensday 26th and hardy any one phoning to say they were not coming

i can not make draw up for this week 2nd November

Please if you can not make it on night  then you can play   or opponent during the week  and let  John or David know the Result

Hope too see all the B & C Grade players turn up this week also

NigelMetgeRook A Grade 2016

Round 3  to be played onWedensday -26-October  6.00pm

  1. Hugh V Lloyd
  2. Lucy  V  Anusha
  3. Rebekah V Ryan
  4. Max Lou V Fergus
  5. Arav V  Peter B
  6. Conrad  V  Emily
If you can not make on the night  please phone your opponent and let them know  you may wish to play at some other time in the week  please make sure  to pass the result in .


Junior Cups and Trophy Winners – 2016


John McRae Junior Summer Shield  – 1st  Lucy Massey

Special Beginners game recording prize – Devin Du   [ Donated Chess Set and Mat ]

Russell Metge Junior Rapid Cup – 1st Peter Brzozowski

Book Prize – Crystal Hart  

Lew Collins Junior Autumn Cup – 1st Lucy Massey

B Grade [Medal] – Henry Luo

Hans Gao Junior Handicap Shield – 1st Hugh Gao

Grade Prize – Max Jiang  [ book ]

Graeme Coleman Junior Winter Knight – 1st Jasraj Singh Chadha

Winter Pawn [ Medal] – Devin Du

Clive Wilson Junior Spring Cup – 1st = Fergus Lee , Hugh Gao

Pauline Thomas Junior Blitz Cup – 1st = Lloyd Williams , Ryan Nguyen

Most Improved Junior Trophy – Lloyd Williams


Nigel Metge Rook Junior A Grade Champ – 1st  Ryan Nguyen

Graham Banks Cup Junior B Grade Champ – 1st  Ansh Gupta

Leo Peti Cup Junior C Grade Champ – 1st  Max Jiang


NigelMetgeRook A Grade 2016 Juniors

Welcome back to all the juniors after the break

this will be the board for round  (2)  

  1. Lloyd V Lucy
  2. Ryan V Hugh
  3. Anusha V Rebekah
  4. Fergus  V Arav
  5. Peter B  V Conrad
  6. Max Lou V Emily
Hope to see you all there by 6.00 pm  on wedensday 19th
also the B and C Grade players  they will start Round (2)


Junior Blitz 2016


Pauline Thomas Junior Blitz Trophy  2016

1 night  –  4 Rounds  –  5 min each.


1st = Lloyd Williams and Ryan Nguyen on 4 out of 4 points

New players Chloe, Levi and their mother Davina , helped fill out the field with several people absent.

The Club Champs start when we return on 12/10/16  –

8 Rounds  – 1 per night – 60 min each  A, B, and C Grade Cups to be won.

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