Junior Winter Knight and Winter Pawn 2016



finished with 4 players on the same score  –  4 out of 5 points

final placings were settled with the LOWEST RATED player 1st  followed by the others in 2nd and 3rd. 

1st       Jasraj   Singh  Chadha   [ 434 ]

2nd     Lloyd Williams   [ 458 ]

3rd =  Hugh Gao  [ 530 ]

             Ryan Nguyen  [ 542 ]

very close scores with players losing games they normally won easily – maybe everyone was too relaxed

because they didn’t have to record their games.


this little group of beginners played a double round robin – RESULTS

1st    Devin Du

2nd  Kimberly Williams

3rd  Darius Du

they all did very well recording games with not too many mistakes and clear enough to read –

OUTSTANDING  EFFORT!  well done everyone!


More Results 2016


On Sunday 14th Aug – Round 1 of the B Grade Inter-Club was played at the Stables Cafe  Alexander Park.

4 Teams took part  – RESULTS

Papatoetoe    5.5  – 0.5     Auckland

Howick            3.5 – 2.5      North Shore

Congratultions to the Papatoetoe team for a great effort – best by any of our teams in a long time  – well done!


Congradulations also to  Barry Hooton for winning the  C Grade at the NORTH SHORE OPEN – awesome !





Hans Gao Junior Handicap Shield 2016

 won by  Hugh Gao  [ Han’s brother ] with a “picket fence” 8/8

2nd   Max Jiang on  7.5 / 8 and winner of a Special Book Prize

for an outstanding effort against stronger players. [ Well Done ! ]

3rd  =  Jasraj and Anusha on 7/8 – both with wins against higher rated players.

Great Effort Everyone!

No Chess over the School break – restarts  July 27th with the Winter Knight

and Winter Pawn Tournaments.

Changes to the Laws of Chess – that You should know

Bringing a mobile phone into the playing venue = Loss of Game, even if its turned off!

1 illegal move in Rapid Chess – Loses

2 illegal moves in Competition [or Classical] Chess – Loses

These are some of the changes to the Laws of Chess that came into effect on July 1st 2014

The rules of Rapid and Blitz are now almost the same, and arbiters should call flag [time] or

illegal move.

It is not acceptable to use an” upside down rook” as a Queen on promotion, it will only be allowed

to move as a rook. That is why extra Queens are supplied.

If a player has moved a pawn to the furthest rank, pressed the clock, but not replaced the pawn

with a new piece, the move is illegal.

A player to claim a draw still has to write his move and declare to the arbiter that 3 times repetition or 50 moves will be reached.

The addition of 9.6 allows for 5 times repetition  or 75 consecutive moves  draw claim without

calling the arbiter. This is because the takes sign x is not always used making counting moves

difficult.  Claims are cancelled once a piece is touched.

Offering a Draw – MOVE  OFFER  CLOCK



Rates of Play – Competition Chess   60 min and over

Rapid Chess   over 10 but under 60 min

Blitz Chess   under 10 min




Other Results

39th Waitakere Trust Open   [ held June 4th to 6th]

had a good turnout this year with about 100 players taking part

A Grade  1st   Ben Hague     with  6/6 points in a field of 30 players  [Well Done]

B Grade 1st   Don Eade

C Grade  1st  Olivia Dong

Juniors   1st   Saasha  Ghadiali

for more see  www.newzealandchess.co.nz  [results page]


Auckland Girls Chess Championship  2016  [held June 22nd]

continues to attract a strong following with about 117 players taking part this year.

Over 12     1st =  Caroline Yan     5.5/6

Kate Song

Under 12   1st   Kimberly Yuan    6/6

Under 10   1st  Selena Xi Hu          6/6

Papatoetoe girls didn’t take part this year because of other commitments – maybe next year

Papatoetoe – Howick-Pakuranga

Papatoetoe v Howick-Pakuranga

@ Papatoetoe Chess Club on 20/04/2016  result was a win to them – 8.5  to  14.5

the Juniors who took part for us almost held their own going down 3.5 to 4.5 they were

Arul Gaundar  [1090]         0.5 – 0.5          Ryan Dukeson  [1151]

Arav Gaundar  [654]            0 –   1             Aleck Shen  [1138]

Conrad Hart  [640]               1  –   0           Ray Coventry  [1075]

Peter Brzozowski  [unr]        0  –   1          Jayti Pattni     [1042]

Ryan Nguyen  [753]               1  –   0         Brian Battye  [1038]

Anusha Gaundar [881]          1   –   0         Imran Mohammed [1000]

Rebekah Massey [926]           0  –   1         Callum Spence [979]

William Massey  [670]           0   –   1         Thomas Zheng  [900]


well done everyone maybe next time!





last at club

The seniors  had there  last night for 2015 season  with 8boards going playing friendly  matches .We had  Ewen  Green  & Oliver Picken  from Whangarei come along. He is  like part time member of the club. Also  travels to most tournaments in the north island .  John Worn  set up blitz tournament later night after  something to eat  this was played by  group- 9-   four of them from Rosehill Intermediate they all great time . We packed up 10.30 pm

We next meet Wednesday   3rd February 2016  -7.00pm 

Trophies won in 2015  will be handed out on that night  

any new members  will be welcomed also 

Have safe charismas & happy year     

Junior Club Champs – 2015


Nigel Metge Rook Junior A Grade Champ

1st  Lucy Massey  on  6 points out of 7

2nd Ryan Nguyen on 5 points out of 7

3rd Emily Massey on 4.5 points out of 7

Graham Banks Cup Junior B Grade Champ

1st  Ethan Stowers  5.5 / 7

2nd = Lloyd Williams  5/7

  = Jasraj Singh Chadha 5/7

Leo Peti Cup Junior C Grade Champ

1st  William Massey 5.5 / 7

2nd Crystal Hart  4.5 / 7

3rd Robin Han  4 / 7














Papatoetoe V Howick

7th July 2015 Papatoetoe chess club went to Howick  with 20 plus players  .For match against Howick  they could only field  15 players

It was friendly  match played in good spirit : Result howick  13.5 – 1.5 Papatoetoe

howick Tuesday 7th July

Papatoetoe will play howick this Tuesday night  7thjuly at howick  be there by 7.15pm . Start at 7.30pm

Hasler Hall  Below Saints Church, Corner of Selwyn Rd and the Glebe, Howick

Papatoetoe Team list  For  7th July

Stanford Colson -Justin ,-Jane ,- Jasraj Singh,-Lucy Massey,-Rebekah Massey ,-Emily Massey,- Fergus Lee,-Joanna Lee,-Ethan,-Ryan Nguyen,-Ryan Nguyen,- James Welsh,-Lakshmi,-Pauline Thomas,-Hi Horr,-Paul Postma,-Temu Maroroa,- David Broughton,- Stephan B,-Jeun, -John McRae ,- Aiken Eliu

Hope see all these players turn up for the Challenge against Howick

or any  other Papatoetoe   players who wish to turn please do

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