Junior Summer Shield 2017



the last 2 rounds were played without the draws being posted on the web site mainly because the attendance of the players was too erratic to be sure who would turn up, however we were able to complete the event will the following result   –

1st   Ryan Nguyen

2nd  Lloyd Williams

3rd = Fa Fia and Crystal Hart

well done everybody!   Next week is the Russell Metge Rapid 

2 Rounds per night – 15 min each

Junior Summer Shield R4

the Summer Shield 2017 still only has a small field with some players

away at school camps, but we did get to welcome one new face

Ridith Kumar who played a friendly game against Kimberly and

did very well. He is in the draw for this week against a stronger opponent in

Henry Luo. The Draw for – ROUND 4

1. Ryan         v          Lloyd

2. Devin       v          Crystal

3. Max Jiang    v     Dylan

4. Kimberly     v      Aiden

5. Darius         v      Max Luo

6. Ridith         v      Henry

7. Fergus        v       Joanna

8. Sandeep     v      Fa Fia

9. Oliver          v      Mishikaa

10. William     v     BYE


early start at 5pm – good luck everyone


Junior Summer Shield 2017 R3

Round 3

1. Crystal  0       v    1       Lloyd

2.Devin   0         v   1      Aiden

3.Henry  0          v   1      Ryan

4.Max Luo  0      v   1      Max  Jiang

5.Dylan    1          v   0     Sandeep

6.Kimberly  1       v    0    William

7.Mishikaa  0       v     1   Darius

8.Fa Fia   0.5        v   0.5    Fergus

9.Joanna    0        v      1  Oliver

starting at 5pm finish about 6.30pm

Junior Summer Shield 2017 R2

the Junior Year for 2017 – got off to a very slow start last week [1. 2. 17] with the Rooster only waking a few sleepy heads.

This week [8.2.17] was a little bit better but we need a few more faces to get the Summer Shield under way properly

The Draw for Round 2  is  —  START   5pm

1. Lloyd     v       Fa Fia

2. Ryan      v      Max Luo

3. Sandeep   v    Crystal

4. Aiden         v    Joanna

5. Fergus       v     Henry Luo

6.Max Jiang   v    Kimberly

7. Oliver        v      Dylan

8. Devin Du  v   Darius Zu

9.William    v     Mishikaa

remember first named player plays White

Junior Cups and Trophy Winners – 2016


John McRae Junior Summer Shield  – 1st  Lucy Massey

Special Beginners game recording prize – Devin Du   [ Donated Chess Set and Mat ]

Russell Metge Junior Rapid Cup – 1st Peter Brzozowski

Book Prize – Crystal Hart  

Lew Collins Junior Autumn Cup – 1st Lucy Massey

B Grade [Medal] – Henry Luo

Hans Gao Junior Handicap Shield – 1st Hugh Gao

Grade Prize – Max Jiang  [ book ]

Graeme Coleman Junior Winter Knight – 1st Jasraj Singh Chadha

Winter Pawn [ Medal] – Devin Du

Clive Wilson Junior Spring Cup – 1st = Fergus Lee , Hugh Gao

Pauline Thomas Junior Blitz Cup – 1st = Lloyd Williams , Ryan Nguyen

Most Improved Junior Trophy – Lloyd Williams


Nigel Metge Rook Junior A Grade Champ – 1st  Ryan Nguyen

Graham Banks Cup Junior B Grade Champ – 1st  Ansh Gupta

Leo Peti Cup Junior C Grade Champ – 1st  Max Jiang


Junior Blitz 2016


Pauline Thomas Junior Blitz Trophy  2016

1 night  –  4 Rounds  –  5 min each.


1st = Lloyd Williams and Ryan Nguyen on 4 out of 4 points

New players Chloe, Levi and their mother Davina , helped fill out the field with several people absent.

The Club Champs start when we return on 12/10/16  –

8 Rounds  – 1 per night – 60 min each  A, B, and C Grade Cups to be won.

Junior Blitz 2016

Pauline Thomas Junior Blitz Trophy 2016

1 night – 4 rounds – 5min each

RESULTS 1st = Lloyd Williams and Ryan Nguyen on 4 out of 4

New players Chloe, Levi, and their mother helped fill out the field which had several people absent.

The Junior Club Champs start when we return on 12/10/16 with

8 Rounds – 1 per night – 60min each [ record all games ]

A, B, and C Grade Cups to play for


Junior Spring Cup 2016


Clive Wilson Junior Spring Cup 2016

6 Rounds  – 3 nights  – 15 min each

1st = Hugh Gao

      = Fergus Lee     with 5 out of 6 point

followed by – Ryan, Peter B, Rebekah, and Emily on 4 /6

Several players were away with commitments to other sports and events

but we welcomed Krishiva Rahi a new player and the return of Max Jiang.

Round 2 B Grade Inter-Club 2016


On Sunday 28th Aug – Round 2 of the B Grade Inter-Club was played at the Stables Café Alexander Park.  RESULTS –

Papatoetoe   5 – 1  North Shore

Auckland    2.5 – 3.5   Howick- Pakuranga

3 new players filled in for Papatoetoe against North Shore

1. Sivakumar  Manchoran  who beat Paul Kamberi

2. Temu Maroroa who won by default against Alexei Bogatov

3. Ryan Nguyen one of our juniors who drew against Alex Pakhojuk

CONGRADULATIONS !   to our team  an outstanding effort!

They are leading with 10.5 and face Howick who are on 7 points in the Last Round

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