Seniors Fees 2019

Papatoetoe Chess Club Fees for 2019

SENIORS 7.00pm to 11pm [ 44 nights ]

A new remit was passed at the 2019 NZCF AGM now

everybody pays a yearly Membership and Affiliation fee of $10.

This proves membership of the Papatoetoe Chess Club and

allows you to play in any tournament in NZ without having

to pay a registration fee.

To help offset this price increase suggest a reduction of the nightly

attendance fee – the new rate would be

1 player $2 per night ………………….. or $72 for the year

2 players $3 per night ………………….or $116 for the year

3 players $4 per night …………………..or $160 for the year

4 players $5 per night …………………..or $204 for the year

you can pay directly into

ASB Acc. 12-3028-0428483-00 please ID the deposit

with players name and Sen.Sub.

If unable to play on Club night please phone

09 278 4516


Juniors Fees 2019


Papatoetoe Chess Club Fees for 2019

JUNIORS 5.00pm to 6.30pm [38 nights]

A new remit was passed at the 2019 NZCF AGM now everyone

who plays in a NZCF rated Tournament pays a once yearly Membership and Affiliation fee of $10.00 to their club.

Only if you want your child to play in these tournaments do you need to pay the $10.00

We reduced the nightly fee to help with this increase.

The new rates are –

1 Child $2 per night …………………………..or $60 for the year

2 Children $3 per night ……………………..or $98 for the year

3 Children $4 per night ……………………..or $136 for the year

4 Children $5 per night ……………………..or $174 for the year

You can pay directly into

ASB Acc. 12-3028-0428483-00 please ID deposit

with players name and Jun.Sub.

If you can not make it on Club night – Phone 09 278 4516

or email John McRae [email protected]

NZCF remit passed at the AGM

On Jan 19th a remit was passed at the 2019 AGM of NZCF

The entitlement for any player to play in NZCF and FIDE rated

Tournaments in New Zealand shifts from a $20 Registration Fee

Payable to NZCF to simply being membership of a Club 

Affiliated or Associated to NZCF .

Each Affiliated Club will declare paid membership numbers as at

15th November by emailing to the NZCF Secretary by 1st December.  A full list of names of Club members. …. the Club will be invoiced

With the Affiliation fee payable to NZCF no later than 31st Dec”


1-20 $10 per player [ $100 minimum] 1
21-40 $10 per player 2
41-60 $10 per player 3
60+ $10 per player 4


Papatoetoe’s fee based on 24 Seniors and 12 Juniors that played in the Club

Champs in November would be 36 x 10 = $360 and give us 2 votes.

Basically you no longer have to pay $20 registration fee , instead everyone pays  $10 to be a

Member of an Affiliated Club and then they can play in any NZCF rated tournament.

BUT if you don’t  play in any NZCF tournament why should

you pay $10 ?

Only members who play in NZCF rated tournaments should be

asked to pay the $10 per  person Affiliation fee.

We just need 10 players to meet the minimum for Affiliation

and we had that number registered in 2018.

The Affiliation  fee used to only cost the Club $40.













Passing of Peter Stuart RIP

President Auckland Chess Association

It is with great sadness that we have learned of Peter’s passing, to all his friends and colleagues of Peter Stuart, We offer our condoles to all his family and friends.  sadly missed in many parts of the chess community.

PACT Junior Tournament

PACT has been Running this Event for the last Ten years  for the Papatoetoe Primary schools in the area  .This was first year it  was won by Puhinuni Primary School with 49 Half points – 2nd Papatoetoe Holy Cross 35 Half -3rd Papatoetoe Central 31-Papatoetoe East 28

There was 48 Competitors from the four schools, this will be where the next champions will come from in the South Auckland Area .The Papatoetoe Chess Club would like to thank all the people who put this Tournament on. We would also like to see schools from Papatoetoe Primary West -South -North  all putting in a team next year

Playing the Game


[1]  Move

[2]  Write

[3]  Clock

Waiting for your opponent to move?

The moment he moves WRITE  IT  DOWN!

It doesn’t matter how strange you might think his move looks

the first thing you must do is  WRITE IT DOWN!

When he presses the clock –  it’s  Your Turn.

[a]  Pawns

File and Destination Square   eg. e4  e file  4th rank

[b]  Pieces

Name and Destination Square 

eg.  Bb5   B bishop   b file  5th rank

[c]  Identify the pieces

eg. Rad1   R  rook  a file  to  d1 

eg. R5e7   R rook  5th rank to e7

[d]  Captures

Pawns   File and Destination Square  eg. exd5

Pieces    Name and Destination Square eg. Nxe6

it makes no difference what is captured – just the

Destination Square


School Invitation


PAPATOEOE CHESS CLUB – invites South Auckland Schools

to a ” practice tournament” at the St George Bowling Club

84 Cambridge Terrace  [OLD Papatoetoe] on Wed 19th April

Schedule   12 to 4pm approx.    Entry  FREE

This is a chance for Schools to try out their teams before the inter-schools tournament at Everglade Primary on June 14th.

Please email us your team numbers and players names so we can make up the draw for Round 1.

[email protected]  or brabham


What a Great Night With Sue Maroroa

January 13th was not just any night for Papatoetoe Chess Club  but for the club members  and any body else that did  turn up,  they had a night to remember.

Sue plays number 2 for the English Women’s Team and she was in NZ for the NZ Rapid Tournament.

She started off  telling us about what it was like being a young person  in England playing chess and working,  also being to married  to British Grandmaster Gawain Jones. This was followed by questions from  the Juniors of the club. Sue also told us that in 2016  she would  take up playing chess as a  full time job.

Sue then played 14  Simultaneous matches with 14 juniors. Later  she was joined by Hans Goa (rating 2303) – a star of Papatoetoe.

All the juniors that played said they had a great time as they would  not get to play these two under normal  conditions.

A big thank you Sue & Hans  for taking the time out  to come and play at your old club. We wish Sue well in her new chosen career.

Then Gawain arrived. He had won the N.Z. Open a couple of days before and is in the top 100 players in the world. He talked about what it was like being a player travelling round Europe playing as a full time job.  Gawain told us his next big  match was in Gibraltar. If you go line chess .com, you might get to see him play live.

This was followed by questions. He spent about an hour with us. This was appreciated by all who attended.

Papatoetoe Chess Club would like  to thank Sue, Gawain and  Hans


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