Papatoetoe Club Champs

Our Club Champs begin on Wednesday 20 August. The A grade is separate this year and is a 6 person round robin. The B and C Grades will be run as one group in the Swiss format. The time control is 75 minutes + 30 seconds so if you want to enter please be there before 7.30pm or contact a club official.


The Lew Collins Junior Cup 2014 – 5 rounds @ 60min per game.

was run in A & B Grades

A Grade Cup was won by Ryan Nguyen with 5/5

2nd = Arav Gaundar and Peter Brzozowski with 4/5

B Grade prize was won by Bosco Jessop with 5/5

the next tournament is the Hans Gao Handicap Shield played in – A B C & D Grades

Papatoetoe Open Day

All Welcome

Hans Gao will be giving simultaneously Games through out the night  -14thMay  Pupils From Manurewa Intermediate  will there to play the juniors from  the Papatoetoe chess club . This  should finish’s about 7.15pm  cost of playing Hans is $2.00

papatoetoe interclub-A Grade Team

Hans-Gao-2256 –Bob -Gibbons —2072 — Philip Mukkattu-1672— Phillip Logo–1630– Barry Hooton–1573 –Temu Maroroa–1410

Paul Norris-est 1380— John McRae 1150— Yash Narayan–UNR– Ronnie Shaddick–UNR

Played Alexandra Park in   Stable Café  11thMay Sunday night   meeting 6.15pm Start time 6.30  – Round (2) 25 th May  -Round (3)-8th June 


The interclub Juniors will be played on Sunday  -22nd June  Alexandra Park  Stable Café  Meeting time-10.45 am  Start time 11.00am

New Zealand Chess Championship Major Open 2014

The  New Zealand Major Open  Championship was played at Alexandra Park over 9 half days.  The Papatoetoe Chess Club  had the most players ever (5) competing –   Henry Vital, Andrew Michael, Alexander Laughland, Mana Garland and  JohnMcRae.

Henry was going have nice win until his phone went off causing  him miss out on a very valuable  point, ending on (6) points. A very good result in strong company.  Please ensure your phone is off!!

Andrew Michael  had some very long games and ended with 4.5 points. This should see him get a few more rating  points.

Alex has not played for some time  but still managed  to get 4 points. Hopefully he can make it to the Club for some of the  tournament cups that we  play though out the year.

Mana also has not being  playing as much as he would like to. He said all the Juniors gave him a tough time. He ended up with 3.5 points.

John put up two  huge efforts  in  rounds 1 and 2  to get 2 draws, one being against  the South Australian Junior champion. He ended up with 3 points – much to everybody’s surprise.

Well done everyone.

NZ Chess Mag Subs

Last week saw a strange deposit in our cheque account – MEGA FEE $40 asked John McRae about it, he said it was Paul Postma’s NZCF Reg. and NZ Chess mag subs. Thought the mag subs was $23 so the total should be $43.

So emailed Bill Forster – “… for Papatoetoe we have been charging $4.00 times 5 copies plus $3.00 postage equals $23.00 [per issue]. We can offer the same terms even if you now want less than 5 copies per issue. ….. the NZCF account number is ANZ Bank 01 0535 0073257 00 …”

The cost per copy is $4.60      [ $4 + $3 divided by 5 = 60cents]

The cost per year is $18.40     [ 4 issues per year]  Not $23

Blitz 5+3

This week we interupted the Rapid to have another Blitz. I decided to make it a little different than the other Blitzes we run and add 3 seconds per move. We had 14 players and because of a late start it ran a bit late. Sorry about that we won’t do that again unless we start early or run over 2 nights.

The top results were –

1. Barry Hooton   12

2= John Worn       10.5

2= Solomon Lefe’e 10.5

4. Katrine Metge     10

Next week will be the final 2 rounds of the Rapid.

Joe Sapeta Rapid Rounds 5 and 6

Last Wednesday saw Katrine Metge clear out from the pack while others fell by the wayside. Katrine first beat Barry Hooton and then William Lefe’e while John Worn beat Graeme Coleman but then fell to Solomon Lefe’e. Solomon in the meantime worked his way up the leader board by first beating his brother, James and then John Worn.

The leading scores with two rounds to go are –

Katrine Metge  5.5

John Worn        4.5

Solomon Lefe’e  4.0

Remember next Wednesday we are having a break from the Rapid and playing another Blitz. Come along and have some fun – everybody to play everybody. Just to make it a little different from the other Blitz we may make it a 5+3 if the majority agree.

Joe Sapeta Rapid 2012

Sorry for the lack of match reports as we have now had 4 rounds of this year ending competition. This competition was named after our beloved club member, Joe Sapeta, who died last year so this is our 2nd year with the tournament named after Joe. We play 2 rounds per evening 25+5 and it is an 8 round tournament. Next wednesday will be rounds 5 & 6 and then the following week we will have a break to have another blitz evening. We normally have a simul but by consensus we are having another blitz. We have decided to introduce a new blitz rating as some members are very good at this shortened form but to get a sensible rating we would need to have at least 2 blitz tournament per year. The week after, 28/11, will be the final 2 rounds of the Rapid and also our final club night for the year.

Back to the Rapid – here are the leading scores after 4 rounds –

Katrine Metge   3.5

John Worn         3.5

Barry Hooton     3.0

James Lefe’e        2.0

Solomon Lefe’e    2.0

Graeme Coleman  2.0

Paul Norris             2.0

William Lefe’e       2.0


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