Autumn Cup Round 3

Stanley Yee and Mike Buis are still on full points in the A Grade after 3 rounds. Three follow on 2 points.

In the B grade there are three leaders on 2 points.


A GRADE R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 Total
Stanley Yee 1995 1 1 1 3
Mike Buis 1559 1 1 1 3
Alex Laughland 1336 1 1 0 2
Barry Hooton 1449 0 1 1 2
Roy Uta’i 1214 0 1 1 2
B GRADE (under 1200) R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 Total
Harry Bong 1185 1 1 0 2
John Guan 1083 0.5 0.5 1 2
Scott Smith 1152 0 1 1 2

Autumn Cup Round 1 17th Apr

The Autumn Cup (Katrine Metge Cup) is 6 rounds; 1 hour each with 10 seconds from move 1.

Leaders after one round:

A GRADE R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 Total
Stanley Yee 1995 1 1
SivaKumar Manoharan 1616 1 1
Mike Buis 1559 1 1
Alex Laughland 1336 1 1


B GRADE (under 1200)
Temu Maroroa 1194 1 1
Harry Bong 1185 1 1
Paul Postma 1059 1 1
Agus Husin 1012 1 1
John McRae 944 1 1

Summer Rapid Final Rounds

Both the winners of the A grade and B grade won the final two rounds of the night.

Stanley Yee winner of the A grade with a picket fence 6/6

Paul Postma with an impressive two wins to win the B grade 4.5/6


Congratulation to both.

Here are the top place getters


A GRADE R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 Total
Stanley Yee 1848 1 1 1 1 1 1 6
Mike Buis 1288 1 0 1 1 0 1 4
Alex Laughland 1517 0.5 1 0.5 0.5 1 0 3.5
Paul Postma 894 0 1 1 0.5 1 1 4.5
Stefan Brzozowski 1057 0.5 0 1 1 0 1 3.5
Ethan Smith 972 0 1 1 0 0 1 3
Harry Bong 1062 0 0 0 1 1 1 3


Join us for the Autumn cup starting this Wednesday.


Round 3

In the A grade Stan Yee was the only one to continue on full points with John Guan getting a draw. So the leading scores in the A grade are-

Stanley Yee 3
John Guan 2.5
Angus Husin 2
Dipendra Kc 2
Pasindu Jayawickrama 2
Alex Laughland 2
Mike Buis 2
Scott Smith 2

The B grade had 3 people win their round to be leading on 2 points as follows-

Ethan Smith 2
Paul Postma 2
Pauline Thomas 2

Round 4

In the A grade Stan Yee continued to extend his lead with a win over John Guan. Leading scores are-

Stanley Yee 4
Pasindu Jayawickrama 3
Mike Buis 3

In the B grade Stefan move into 1st= with wins in both rounds of the evening. Leading scores in the B grade-

Paul Postma 2.5
Stefan Brzozowski 2.5
Ethan Smith 2
Pauline Thomas 2
Sampath Jayawickrama 2


Next Wednesday will see the final two rounds of this competition so come join the fun.

Summer Rapid – Bruce Marsick Cup Round 1 and 2

Our rapid tournament began last night 27th March.

Time control is 25+5 and is playing as one large swiss although we are manually awarding a B Grade winner.

In the swiss format where the top half play the bottom half in round 1, there was only one game went against the top half taking a clean sweep. This was Stefan Brzozowski (1057) drawing with Alex Laughland (1517) so Stefan is leading the B Grade after the first round.

Round two saw the following players from the A Grade maintaining an unbeaten score of 2 out of 2 as follows-

Stanley Yee

Angus Husin

Dipendra Kc

Pasindu Jayawickrama

John Guan

In the B Grade the following players won their second round to lead 1/2 –


Sampath Jayawickrama

Ethan Smith

Paul Postma

Pauline Thomas (with a second round bye)


Round 3 and 4 next Wednesday and new members are welcome to come along and play, or just see what it is all about. Our address is on another part of this site, and if you are wanting to play you need to arrive before 7.15pm Just ask someone there and they will direct you to the right person.


Summer Cup – Joe Tyson Memorial Cup

The first club tournament concluded on Wednesday evening 13th March 2019 and it was done with both the A Grade and the B Grade having an outright winner. Congratulations to Mike Buis with a 6/6 picket fence win in the A Grade and Scott Smith with a clear 1 point lead, winning the B Grade. Here are the top results-

A GRADE (6 Rounds)

1. Mike Buis                      6

2. Stanley Yee                    5

3. Alexander Laughland  4


B GRADE (6 Rounds)

1. Scott Smith                 4

2=. Stefan Brzozowski  3

2=. Paul Postma             3


The Summer Rapid begins on 27 March 7.15pm. There will be two rounds per night with a time control 25 minutes plus 5 second per move. It will be held on three consecutive nights (6 rounds).

New members are very welcome to join in the fun!



ACA AGM 2019 inter-club


ACA  AGM was held at the Stables Café in Alexander Park on Sunday 3rd March.

Dates for the inter-club matches were set –

A Grade  –    R1   5th May

                     R2  12th May

                     R3  26th May

Juniors      [ Lyell Creek Room 1st floor]   9th June

B Grade         R1    23rd June

                      R2    28th July

                      R3    11th Aug

A and B Grade held in the Stables Café

Start time   – 6.30pm

Time control – 75 min + 30sec

PT Seniors Prize Winners 2018


Summer Cup – Joe Tyson Memorial Cup

1st  John Worn

Summer Rapid – Bruce Marsick Cup

1st  John Worn

Autumn Cup – Katrine Metge Cup

1st  Sivakumar Manoharan

Handicap Cup – Gordon Hodge  Founders Cup

1st  Hugh Gao

Winter Cup – Bob Wichman Cup

1st  Sivakumar Manoharan

Spring Cup – Ewen Green Rapid Cup

1st =  Alex Laughland  and Sivakumar Manoharan

Club Champs   A Grade – the McAlonan Cup

1st  Sivakumar Manoharan

Club Champs  B Grade –the Tom Smith Memorial Cup

1st  Rosjier Hall

Club Champs  C Grade – the Gordon Hodge Cup

1st = Paul Postma and Narasimhan Ravi

Lightning Trophy – P & M Trophy 1953

1st  Philip Logo

Papatoetoe Rapid – Joe Sapeta 25+5 Trophy

1st = Mike Bruis and Vijay Kumar

Most Improved Player Cup       2018

Mike Bruis



Juniors Fees 2019


Papatoetoe Chess Club Fees for 2019

JUNIORS 5.00pm to 6.30pm [38 nights]

A new remit was passed at the 2019 NZCF AGM now everyone

who plays in a NZCF rated Tournament pays a once yearly Membership and Affiliation fee of $10.00 to their club.

Only if you want your child to play in these tournaments do you need to pay the $10.00

We reduced the nightly fee to help with this increase.

The new rates are –

1 Child $2 per night …………………………..or $60 for the year

2 Children $3 per night ……………………..or $98 for the year

3 Children $4 per night ……………………..or $136 for the year

4 Children $5 per night ……………………..or $174 for the year

You can pay directly into

ASB Acc. 12-3028-0428483-00 please ID deposit

with players name and Jun.Sub.

If you can not make it on Club night – Phone 09 278 4516

or email John McRae [email protected]

NZCF remit passed at the AGM

On Jan 19th a remit was passed at the 2019 AGM of NZCF

The entitlement for any player to play in NZCF and FIDE rated

Tournaments in New Zealand shifts from a $20 Registration Fee

Payable to NZCF to simply being membership of a Club 

Affiliated or Associated to NZCF .

Each Affiliated Club will declare paid membership numbers as at

15th November by emailing to the NZCF Secretary by 1st December.  A full list of names of Club members. …. the Club will be invoiced

With the Affiliation fee payable to NZCF no later than 31st Dec”


1-20 $10 per player [ $100 minimum] 1
21-40 $10 per player 2
41-60 $10 per player 3
60+ $10 per player 4


Papatoetoe’s fee based on 24 Seniors and 12 Juniors that played in the Club

Champs in November would be 36 x 10 = $360 and give us 2 votes.

Basically you no longer have to pay $20 registration fee , instead everyone pays  $10 to be a

Member of an Affiliated Club and then they can play in any NZCF rated tournament.

BUT if you don’t  play in any NZCF tournament why should

you pay $10 ?

Only members who play in NZCF rated tournaments should be

asked to pay the $10 per  person Affiliation fee.

We just need 10 players to meet the minimum for Affiliation

and we had that number registered in 2018.

The Affiliation  fee used to only cost the Club $40.













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