Winter Cup Round 4

The forth round was played on the 27 June and the top boards where –

John McRae v Katrine Metge

John Worn v Graeme Coleman

Katrine won on board 1 and John defeated Graeme on board 2.

This leaves the standing in each grade as follows –


1. Katrine Metge   4

2=  John Worn     3

2=  Paul Norris     3


1.   Pauline Thomas  2.5

2= Graeme Coleman 2

2= William Lefe’e       2


The tentitive draw for next Wednesday

1. Katrine Metge v Paul Norris

2. John McRae v John Worn

3. Barry Hooton v Pauline Thomas

4. Graeme Coleman v Dave Misileki

5. Yash Narayan v William Lefe’e

6. Paul Postma v Gallipoli Misileki

7. Rhoslyn Lapworth v Cairo Molesi

8. Solomon Lefe’e v Jagmahan Singh

9. Satnam Singh v Ethan Perston


A Grade InterClub – Update  Click to replay, drag notation
box towards board to expand, click enlarge arrows for bigger board.
ROUND 2  Starts with  Leonard McLaren v Hans Gao.
Once again we faced a very strong team and did well to avoid 6-0 with
Bob Gibbons scoring a win for us against Luke Li. The table at the
moment has  AC 8.5   NS 7.5  WT 1 and PT 1.
We have the BYE next round but it will be interesting to see how
WT v NS goes because it looks like the “wooden spoon” will be
between us and the Waitakere Chess Club.



Back Rank Mates 1.

  White to Play

 if White plays 1.Qxb2 – Black plays?
 if White plays 1.Qe1 – Black plays?
 if White plays 1.Qd3 – Black plays?
 if White plays 1.Rc2 – Black plays?
 if White plays 1.Rd3 – Black plays? 
 if White plays 1.Rc8 – Black plays?
if White plays 1.Qc2 – Black plays?
 if White plays 1.Rb3 – Black plays?
 Set it up on your chessboard and try it out.

Junior Handicap – final and review

Arul [ Club Rating 546] continues to dominate the Junior events by

winning the Hans Gao Junior Handicap Shield for 2012 with 7 out of 7.

Anusha [CR 482] shared 2nd place on 6 points with the two big

surprises Dylan [ CR 347] and Andy [ CR 317].

Dylan or Andy only had to win their last 2 games to equal Arul and

topple him from 1st place because in this event “Lowest Rated Player

Wins if scores tied”, but sadly it was not to be, both could only manage

one win each.

The first 2 Rounds used diagrams of positions from the Lew Collins Cup

where players missed easy wins or misplayed the ending,however even

with a “2nd bite of the apple” some still got it wrong.

More use needs to be made of 1 move checkmate tests.

Try to get 20 in a row right with no mistakes,before trying 2 moves.


Winter Cup Round 3

Last night we played the third round (out of six).

The top board was a clash of the 2 top seeds – Katrine Metge vs John Worn. It was fairly even for most of the game with Katrine applying the pressure which eventually bought the mistake from John and allowed Katrine to win a piece after a small combination. On board 2 it was Paul Postma vs John McRae which John won after winning a piece and then checkmating.

Although the Winter Cup is being played as one group, all players with a club rating under 1150 are playing for the B Grade cup. Here are the leaders in each group –


1. Katrine Metge  3.0

2.  John McRae    2.5

3= John Worn, Paul Norris & Yash Narayan  2.0



1=  Graeme Coleman & William Lefe’e  2.0

3. Pauline Thomas  1.5


The draw for the fourth round is as follows unless there are any absences (please let me know if you cannot make it so i can redo the draw).

1. John McRae vs Katrine Metge

2. John Worn vs Greame Coleman

3. Paul Norris vs Yash Narayan

4. William Lefe’e vs Barry Hooton

5. Solomon Lefe’e vs Pauline Thomas

6. Rhoslyn Lapworth vs Paul Postma

7. Dave Misileki vs Gallipoli Misileki

8. Satman Singh vs Jagmahan Singh

9. Cairo Molesi vs Ethan Perston

Winter Cup Round 2

On the top 3 boards Katerine Metge defeated Paul Postma, John Worn defeated Yash Narayan and Paul Norris defeated Rhoslyn Lapworth so these three are leading with 2 points. Following closely on 1.5 points are John McRae and Pauline Thomas who defeated Barry Hooton and Dave Misileki respectively.

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