Club Champs Round 2

With a break last week in which we had a fun night that was alot of fun! Teams trying to lose because of points gained for sacrifices. In the end the team led by John Worn won. So, last night we were back into the serious stuff playing the second round of the club champs. Although we are playing as one group we are split into 3 group for the purposes of an A, B and C grade winner so here are the leading scores after 2 rounds –


Katrine Metge          2

John Worn                 2

Paul Norris                2

John McRae               2


Stefan Brzozowski      1

Yash Narayan              1

Graeme Coleman        1

William Lefe’e              1

Solomon Lefe’e             1


Satnam Singh               1

Gallipoli Misileki          0.5

Pauline Thomas            0.5



Club Championship 2012 Round 1

We started the club champs on Wednesday the 15/8/12. We are playing as one Swiss group but there will an A, B and C grade winner. I will update the positions after round two which will be played in 2 weeks. Next Wednesday we are having a break from the club champs and having a fun evening which will be two teams against each other. It is not just a matter of winning the game but teams can win and lose points for various things which will be revealed on the night.

Club Championship 2012

Please note there is a slight alteration to the calender. The Club Champs is starting this Wednesday (15th Aug.). We have put the fun night off till the next Wednesday then the Club Champs will comence again on the following week.

Please let me know if you wish to enter or be at the club by 7.30pm to enter.

You can contact me on 0274506140 or [email protected] .

The format is eight rounds in Swiss format played as one group. Time limit is 75 minutes plus 30 seconds. There will be an A, B and C grade winner.

Also note if you want to play but can’t make the first round you can request a half point bye but you must let me know before the 1st round.

Ewen Green Spring Rapid Round 7 and 8

The final two rounds were played on the 8/8/12. Two of the three leaders from last week won both their games and so were tied for first place. The final scores are as follows –

Katrine Metge          6.5

Barry Hooton            6.5

John Worn                6.0

Cairo Molesi             4.5

Dave Misileki            4.5

John McRae              4.5

William Lefe’e           4.5

Solomon Lefe’e         4.0

Stefan Brzozowski    4.0

Maurice Sweetsur     4.0

Paul Postma               3.5

Satnam Singh            3.5

Paul Norris                 3.0

Jagmahan Singh       3.0

Gallipoli Misileki      3.0

Ethan Perston           2.0

Graeme Coleman     2.0

Yash Narayan            2.0 (Yash only played the last two rounds)

Pauline Thomas        2.0

Elise Tere                    0

Rhoslyn Lapworth     0


Congratulations to Dave Misileki for the largest jump in rating points (70 points)

Also congratulations to Satnam Singh who was the highest placed junior.


Ewen Green Spring Rapid Round 5 & 6

The top 3 boards in the 5th round –

Katrine Metge v Barry Hooton

Cairo Molesi v Paul Postma

Dave Misileki v John Worn

The winners were Barry, Cairo and John. This left Barry Hooton leading on 4.5 followed by Katrine Metge on 4.0. John Worn and Cairo Molesi another half point behind on 3.5.

Round 6 bought more upsets creating a three way tie at the top. The top boards were as follows –

1. Barry Hooton v Cairo Molesi

2. John Worn v Katrine Metge

3. Paul Postma v Satnam Singh

Cairo won on board 1 and boards 2 & 3 halved the points.

With 2 rounds to play next week the leading scores are –

Cairo Molesi      4.5

Katrine Metge    4.5

Barry Hooton     4.5

John Worn         4.0

Paul Postma       3.5

Dave Misileki     3.5

John McRae      3.5

William Lefe’e   3.5

Satnam Singh    3.5

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